Stills In Motion, A Guide To Shooting With The Canon 5D MkII with Drew Gardner - Digital Download

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In this brand new DVD ‘Epic Advertising Photographer’ Drew Gardner takes you on a journey which covers every aspect of shooting Video on your HD video D-SLR. Not only does he share with you all the crucial techniques that may be unfamiliar to you as a stills photographer embracing the moving image but you also get an opportunity to look over Drew’s Shoulder as he lights, directs and shoots in ‘real life’ situations which allows you to observe the process first hand.

This 2 disc training last 2 hours and goes into great detail backing up the theory and principles with practical ‘real world’ examples. If you are new to Video this DVD will prepare you well.

If you are an experienced shooter then you might find this tutorial too elementary.

NB  Drew shoots on a Canon EOS 5D Mark II however we've specifically designed this training to be more about the techniques than  any specific camera.  Whether you shoot on an EOS 550D, 7D, 5D Mark II or 1D Mark IV the training is designed to help you shoot successful video. And more importantly learn all the skills to how to do it commercially with great confidence

Watch the Trailer below

Chapter 1 – Getting Started
Chapter 2 – Core Differences
Chapter 3 – The Look
Chapter 4 – Light
Chapter 5 – Prime Lenses
Chapter 6 – Moving the Camera
Chapter 7 – Other Considerations
Chapter 8 – Cinderella

Disc 2 – Applying the Theory
Chapter 9 – How to Shoot a sequence
Chapter 10 – Pulling it All Together
Chapter 11 – The Business Model

Bonus Features
– Slow Motion
– Time Lapse
– Using a Clapperboard