Learn To Shoot Video On The canon 5D Mark III (Digital Download)

 Brand new download tutorial taking you through the video functions of the Canon 5D Mark III.

Who is this Training for?
If you are new to the video mode on the Canon EOS 5D Mark III or are new to shooting video on video D-SLR then this training will give you a very good level of understanding on how to navigate the complex menus and what the optimum settings are for shooting video.

What you can expect
This DVD download takes you through all aspects of shooting video with the Canon 5D Mark III in video mode. It is not an advanced training rather a solid and comprehensive overview written and presented by Cinematographer and educator Den Lennie this is a ‘how to shoot’ DVD for aspiring film makers and photographers embracing the D-SLR and using this powerful tool in video mode.

What's Covered:

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Camera Layout

Chapter 3 – Camera Controls

Chapter 4 – Movie Recording & Media

Chapter 5 – Recording Audio

Chapter 6 – Setting ISO

Chapter 7 – Controlling Exposure (Shutter Speed and ND Filters)

Chapter 8 – Setting White Balance

Chapter 9 – Focus Control

Chapter 10 – Setting Picture Styles

Chapter 11 – Camera Menus in Video Mode

Chapter 12 – Information Displays

Chapter 13 – Live View Mode

Chapter 14 – Summary

Customer Reviews: 

The lessons progress in a logical manner and the overviews are easy to understand.  They are deliberately simple with the beginner in mind but there is enough “meat” content to satisfy and inform any professional.

Den draws on his 20+ years of experience and credentials in order to simplify the video shooting process. He discusses the challenges of DSLR filmmaking and how to overcome or harmonize with those challenges. This tutorial allowed me to leave my manual on the shelf (did I mention I hate manuals?) focusing on the features I need to quickly get out and start shooting.

I’ve trusted F-stop Academy since 2009 to provide simple yet comprehensive lessons for my filmmaking needs and once again (they) Den delivers. I highly recommend this program.

Randy Noland – Cincinnati, OH