Canon 5D Mark II (Digital Download)

Learn Canon 5D Mark II Cinematography with Philip Bloom

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Who is this Training for?
This is a basic level tutorial.  If you are new to the video mode on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II then this training will give you a very good level of understanding on what kit you need and how to use it.

What you can expect
This DVD takes you through all aspects of shooting video with the Canon EOS 5D Mark II in video mode but much of the theory can be applied to any Video D-SLR camera. Presented by Philip Bloom one of the earliest D-SLR video Pioneers in this his first tutorial DVD. Philip gives a tight and concise an introduction to the camera for film makers and photographers serious about using this powerful tool in video mode. The pace is fast and the idea is to get you up to speed quickly.

Customer Testimonials

“This is a great way to jump into using the 5D if you don’t want too much of the basic fluff of other training dvds.”
Sunny Lo-Oakland, CA

“This DVD is a must for anyone using the 5D. I consider myself a guru and can figure out any technical problems, but the 5D was very complex and I still didin’t learn everything I needed to know through trial and error. This video shows everything you need to produced a solid video of any kind with the camera.”
Mark Wiemers-Troy, IL USA

“If you just got the camera – you really do need this dvd. It will save you weeks of internet research. If you already have the camera – get this and maximize your use of it!”
Jayse Hansen-Las Vegas, NV

“I have been a cameraman in broadcast & corporate television for close to 30 years and what is considered “The Standard” for video is now a moving target. Philip & Den are a huge resource for information and training with this new technology. They answer the questions that every cameraman, (old and new), wants to know about this emerging field.”
Jeff Cook-Tampa, Florida

Independent reviews
Please watch the trailer and also check out the independent reviews in the ‘Independent Reviews’ tab above to ensure that this training is right for you. Unfortunately we cannot refund digital downloads.

Running order

Main Program (57 minutes)
1: Main Titles & Introduction
2: My 5dmkII history
3: Shooting with the 5dmkII
4: What kit do you need?
5: Setting up the camera to shoot video
6: Setting your ISO
7: Creating the best in camera picture style
8: Getting the correct exposure
9: Lenses
10: Lens discipline
11: Using a Macro Extension
12: The Mattebox
13: Follow Focus
14: Using a video monitor
15: Monopod & view finder
16: Variable ND filters
17: The IS Lens
18: Shooting handheld
19: Avoiding the “Jello effect”
20: Shutter speed
21: Getting the depth of field YOU want using the Fader/Vari ND
22: Shutter speed in artificial light
23: Sound
24: Best way to learn? Go out and shoot!

Bonus features

Workflow (17 minutes)
1: Bringing your footage into your computer
2: Converting to a format you can edit with
3: How to convert to 24p or 25p
4: Using Cinema Tools to change frame rate
5: How to sync sound

Please Note - Philip uses equipment in this DVD training that he has both purchased and also that he has been loaned and or given by various manufacturers for review or appraisal. Some of this equipment features in this DVD. However Philip is clear in his summary that he uses the very best top end gear because this is what he does for a living. He is not suggesting that in order to shoot great video you need go out and spend thousands of $$ on kit. There are many manufactures now offering accessories to suit all budgets. Neither Learn or receives any ‘commission’ as a result of these products featuring in this training. This training as provided AS is for educational purposes.

Philip Bloom is not employed by FStop Academy and and he has an ethics statement regarding his affiliate arrangements clearly positioned on his website.

If you have any concerns about this or his tutorial please refer directly to